The year 2017 starts full of enthusiasm, since in November 2016, Fundación Nahuel completed ten years working in Ecuador

We recall the affection with which we undertook the task of becoming a support for unprotected children and teens. Our first projects were mainly directed to the health of children, with special emphasis on the specialties of ophthalmology and cardiology.

At the end of our first year, we perceived the need to extend the aid to all cases of medical emergencies, that’s the reason why we worked hand in hand with several children’s assistance associations, along with the Hospital Baca Ortiz, main hospital for children coming from rural and marginal areas of Quito.


After ten years of work, the results show an average expenditure of USD 400,000 per year. The funds, which are a result of national and international donations, are distributed among our three major programs: HEALTH, EDUCATION and SMALL SOCIAL AID.

The total number of children assisted exceeds 80,000, which gives us an average of 8,000 concrete aids per year.

2017 will be for the Foundation a year dedicated to fundraising campaigns to exceed the average reached so far, if possible.

For more information on our campaigns, sponsorships and other donations visit the DONATE page.