The objective of this Program is to break the cycle of poverty in which live many children and young people in Ecuador, especially in rural areas where they are used as free or, at best, as cheap labor. In many cases children are forced to work in unhealthy and dangerous conditions.

The program finances a part or, in certain cases, the whole formal education of the individual, from the basic level to a high school diploma and even more, based on their individual merits or needs, they can also run for a college career or for the achievement of a technical profession.

The projects implemented by Nahuel focus on two main areas: educational infrastructure development and educational individual support of children, adolescents and young people to complete the various levels of the educational, training and/or higher education system.

So far, seven structures have been built in Ecuador and one in Guatemala. More details in the document EDUCATION 2006-2016.

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The foundation has promoted, along with local communities, the construction of eight school infrastructure projects in places with lack of education facilities. The aid ranges from building classrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, mobile medical care units, to shelters, day care centers and comprehensive school structures. Nahuel has operated in Ecuador and Guatemala. The last building, carried out in 2016, is a day care center which serves sixty children from 0 to 4 years old in the Community of Planchaloma, county of Toacazo, Cotopaxi province.


The educational procedures are renewed annually, with the entry of new students into the scholar system and until the completion of their high school or college studies. The type of aid is projected depending on individual merits and specific needs of the students that reach Nahuel from different parts of the country. The aid generally consists in granting them a school and/or college scholarship which basically includes school fees and providing them, if necessary, with food, accommodation, transportation, educational material and supplies.

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