February 14, Valentine’s. Throughout this month, the stores embellish their windows with flowers, chocolates and different gifts accompanied by hearts.

But, what do we celebrate on February 14?

In some countries this day is celebrated as the «day of love», while in others it is simply Valentine’s, an international icon of love. Its meaning has transcended borders and has become an occasion to thank all those whom we love and make our lives happier.

The children of Nahuel want to take this time to thank those who have made their dreams come true, because, thanks to their help

  • Now they have better health;
  • Now they have the opportunity to go to school and are not used as cheap labor;
  • Now they have completed their secondary studies;
  • Now they are obtaining a college degree;
  • Now the facilities of the care center where they stay during the day have been renewed;
  • Now they have new toilet facilities in their schools;
  • Now they have new clothes and school supplies.

Nahuel invites all its friends to reject consumerism and, in the name of love, give happiness to a child. It does not take a big investment to paint a smile on children’s faces.

Happy Valentines to all of us, full of true love, the one that is made only of simple gestures and small aids to fill the soul with joy.