This program was launched on 2011. Since then, it has made possible the identification of the most urgent basic needs in some of the daily environments where children and adolescents grow up, play and study. The main objective of this program is to improve the quality of life of the individual.

The small social aid projects look for the improvement of common areas, maintenance, renovation, repair and painting of buildings, replace of sanitary facilities, and provides these places with equipment, furniture, games, teaching materials and different kinds of educational supplies, as required by the persons in charge of the facilities identified.

In some cases, the small aid is given to young individuals, when their situation becomes critical and they are seriously exposed to domestic or any other type of violence.

Therefore, it can be distinguished two types of Small Social Aid projects:


Addressed to institutions of daily childcare, nurseries, children’s centers, educational institutions and other foundations helping children in state of vulnerability and/or risk.

The small aids delivered so far have been, for example, minor infrastructure repairs or rehabilitation, repair of sanitary services, kitchens, dining rooms, furnishings and various educational material, indoor and outdoor playgrounds.

If considered necessary, after a viability study, the small aid could become a specific project. Hence, this program is a true «seed» generator of new interventions, always with the aim of overcoming child and youth marginalization.


Some young people, mainly girls, assisted by Nahuel, require individual social protection. These are orphan minors, abandoned, subject to abuse, with double vulnerability and constantly exposed to violence. Usually the environments where they live are inadequate and harmful for their integral development. Special attention is given to children in the care of relatives or friends, in those cases where one or both parents have migrated or are deprived of their liberty.


Many health professionals, companies, educational centers at all levels, laboratories, associations and centers dedicated to diagnosis and specialized medical care, have joined enthusiasts to the initiatives promoted by Nahuel.

A sincere THANK YOU to all these extraordinary people who, through their help, sponsorships, discounts and careful attention, have believed in our mission and have made it possible, in its first ten years of activity in Ecuador, to serve a population of more than eighty thousand children, adolescents and young people of low resources and in high risk situation.

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