She arrives with her husband Cesar and his two-and-a-half-year-old son Edwin. They come from the community of Guayabillas, in the parish of Pacto, to the Northwest of Quito.

With the support of the foundation, five years ago Matilde underwent surgery to reconstruct the eardrum. This problem, which she had suffered since she was a child, prevented her from hearing and, therefore, speaking properly. If She had not intervened, it would have been impossible for her to continue studying.

Matilde tells us that she is very happy because on March she ended her studies at the Fiscal Education Unit «Río Pachijal», a school built in 2011 by Nahuel in the community of Pachijal. Her intention is to continue studying, she would like to pursue a career related to numbers and thinks she would be a good accountant. Nahuel is committed to continue helping her. Her enthusiasm is contagious and we are sure that Guayabillas will be a better place thanks to people like Matilde.